Luke Sargon

This world is the most hilarious narrative, so I’m going to spend my life listening to it!” – Luke.

As a director Luke’s drive is to connect with people through laughter and creativity. He has an innate ability to delve inside a project from concept to creation and take viewers on a journey with him.

After deferring from film college and setting out to explore the world Luke has worked with creatives from all walks of life, many of whom he now considers friends and family. His time living in Amsterdam has facilitated this passion for creativity and people, whether it’s working with hip-hop artists from South Africa, a non for profits in Germany or collaborating with some of The Netherland’s & Russia’s top film crews.

A self taught man, Luke can not only direct and write but understands the various aspects of a project from concept development to cinematography. His humor and good nature are rivalled only by his immense work ethic.


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