Luke Sargon

Luke’s goal was always to be a director but his journey started as a videographer in Amsterdam creating content and shooting for graffiti artists, musicians and bars throughout the city. Soon after he got a side hustle working in the lighting department of a Nickelodeon Tv series which gave him the opportunity to work with crews across Europe, learning from them and adopting new and interesting styles to tell a story.

After returning back to Perth in 2017 Luke picked up his camera and joined forces with a street art collective in Fremantle while also finding a home within Beautiful Pictures. He has since worked with some top creatives and brands including, RAC, Lottery West, Murdoch University, St John Ambulance, Woodside, Summit Homes and Oswald homes to name a few.

Luke has always learnt by using his hands and his film career is no different. As a self-taught filmmaker he continues to teach himself, bettering his craft and figuring out captivating ways to tell a story. Luke wants to make commercials that stick in the audiences minds, that have emotion driving it or that give the audience something to laugh with; and loves to collaborate with creatives that want to create something similar.


Featured Work


Department of Transport
Mandurah Shutdown


Bar Lafayette
Old Fashioned

Murdoch University

New Generation Homes
Puppy Mischief

Free2Go – Teens

Oswald Homes
Start You Own Story

Renovation Cash

Food Moods


Hoffdam Beer

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