Mike Oldershaw

“Mike graduated from Victoria University in Wellington New Zealand with a degree in Theatre and Film. He came out thinking he wanted to act but then realised he also liked to eat.

Mike started his career as a full time runner for Silverscreen Productions. He worked his way up, eventually moving into a stint as one of New Zealand’s busiest casting directors before taking the leap into directing.

His ability as an actor, and his years of experience as a casting director, has given him the perfect background for his career as a performance/comedy focused director. Mike has enjoyed great success as a director of commercials working on major campaigns for companies such as Nestle, AA Insurance, Cadbury, Westpac, Telecom, Police, Sanitarium, BP, Dominion Breweries, Fisher & Paykel, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Lotteries, Ford, NIB Insurance and Purina along with many many others both in Australia and New Zealand.

He directs stories for various media platforms and is just as at home making long format viral content as he is making a traditional TV commercial.

Mike loves creating and developing strong characters for storytelling/performance based scripts.

He also quite likes it if they’re funny…”


Mike Oldershaw - Director.

Alinta Energy

Lotterywest – Jealous Car

Fisher & Paykel – Lost Socks

Beer The Beautiful Truth – Robbie

Dairy New Zealand

Abbotts Village

AA Insurance

Sanitarium – Double Crunch

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