Our Beautiful Directors

Whether you’re looking for comedy, drama or a slice of life, our talented directors will bring your project to life with a combination of effective storytelling, natural narrative and emotional engagement.


Renée Webster

Renée has the rare ability to create and capture real moments. With an instinct for spotting tiny glimpses of life, she finds beauty in our daily existence and infuses these into TV commercials, drama work and short films.

Miranda Edmonds

Miranda shows passion and intelligence in her work and loves bringing a vision to life. She also loves coffee, SUP’ing, wine and her children, but has not disclosed in which order.


Mike Oldershaw

Mike graduated from Victoria University in New Zealand with a degree in Theatre and Film. With strong acting and casting skills, he has forged a career as a sought-after performance/comedy director, specialising in online content and TV commercials.

Jessica Bluck

Jess has developed an intimate style of filmmaking that is well-rounded and creativity multi-faceted. Her work has been admired for it’s stunning sense of visual imagery in telling authentic human stories.


Brett Ludeman

After training full-time as an actor, Brett worked in almost every role on set until he earned enough money to invest in his own camera equipment and become a director. He now uses everything he has learned to direct TV commercials, documentaries and films.

Luke Sargon

As a director, Luke strives to connect with people through laughter and creativity. After spending time exploring the world and learning his craft, Luke has developed an ability to delve inside every project from concept to creation and take viewers on a journey with him.


Emma Tomelty

Emma Tomelty is an award-winning director from Perth, Western Australia.

Upon graduating from Curtin University in 2003 with an Honours Degree in Film, she moved to Sydney where she worked extensively on music videos, TV commercials and drama productions.

Frank Carroll

Frank Carroll is an English born director who has called Perth his home since 2015.

Upon graduating film school, Frank began making independent short films before entering the realm of commercials and advertising. He has created a range of content for local and national brands such as Specsavers, Telstra, Rocky Bay, Western Australia Police and many others.


Michael Matthews

Michael’s love of cinema provides a strong focus on emotive visual storytelling and performance. With a natural talent for unearthing the core of each concept, his award-winning directing work covers TV commercials, short films, music videos and online content.



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